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Deprey Classic 2023

The 2023 Deprey Classic was held today under cloudy skies. The trail was in tip top shape for both classic and skate skiing. Over 23 racers participated in this event. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped to make this happen. In skate technique, Luke Streinz recorded the fastest time for the men's 10 km race with Patricia Hebert recording the fastest time for the women's 10 km race. In classic technique, André Roy recorded the fastest time for the men, and Elysha Dyer recorded the fastest time for the women. The 5 km winners were Robbie Poiesz for the men and Kylie Streinz for the women. A special thank you to Madeline Levesque for organizing and managing the kitchen crew and stew, chef, Ron Myers, ployes maker, Tom Roy, Bess Roy and Nicole Plourde. Thank you to Andrew and Chelsea Martin for timing the event and Tina Roy and Gina Jandreau for registration. Thank you also goes to Colin Jandreau for grooming the 10 km trail. A special thank you to Reno and Becky for their continued support. This year they purchased hats and jackets for the youth ski program. See photos here. See results here.


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