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There are no fees for the use of the Four Seasons Trail. We are committed to making our facilities available to everyone, but without the support of our members we would be unable to maintain the trail conditions and facility we have come to expect. Should you choose to voluntarily support us your fees would be used for building operations, trail grooming, trail improvements and activities.


2023-2024 Membership Letter


2023-2024 Membership Rates in US FUNDS:

Family/Individual - $ 50.00      Silver $100         Gold $150              Platinum $500

Fees for Canadian currency may vary.  


Click here to open a printable membership form which can be mailed to the Four Seasons Trail Association with your payment, or fill in the online membership form to the right. To pay online, click on the Donations link.


If you have comments, suggestions or would like to volunteer please feel free to write us at:


Four Seasons Trail Association

P.O. Box 313

Madawaska, Maine 04756

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