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Support our new groomer!

An American Rescue Plan Grant (ARPA) will help fund 1/2 of our new 2023 Favero SnowRabbit3x.  Please help us fund the balance!!  


Our Story

Since the 1960's Madawaska Nordic skiers have roamed the trails near the town water tank on 7th Avenue.  Ski meets were eventually hosted at the old start area off of Summer Street until major changes to the trails occurred in 2003.  That is when the Four Seasons Trail Association was born.  By 2007, volunteers raised funds to build a beautiful 3,600 sq. ft. lodge.  By 2016, the club had finalized the purchased of over 200 acres of the expanding trail footprint, once again, with support from the local community (yes, we own almost all of the land we play on!!). 

A longer and wider trail, to accommodate skate skiing as well as classic technique, required new grooming equipment which the club acquired over the years.  These large snowmobiles are now too small to keep up with a trail system that has grown from 5km to 15km.  The photos below also show the difficult conditions our groomers must endure to get the trail ready for skiers.  Help us continue to grow Four Seasons with your gift at the groomer donation link here (FSTA is a 501 3c non-profit, your gift may be tax deductible).  You may also contact Colin Jandreau (207-728-6103) or John Ezzy (207-728-9254) to discuss other types of support or with any questions you may have.

A photo history of grooming at Four Seasons...

Our groomer budget looks like this!

ARPA Grant........... $90,773

FSTA Cash............ $45,000

Rotary Donation.... $17,500. (see story here)

Balance................ $26,727

The balance will require a 5 year loan creating a $550 monthly payment that will challenge our club financially.  Please consider supporting our rural community as we look to make our long winters enjoyable for our citizens and visitors!  

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