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Acadia FCU Marathon

Local racers and those from central and southern Maine, Connecticut and Vermont attended the annual Acadia Federal Credit Union Ski Marathon on a warmer, sundry weather day. Distances of 40/20/10 kilometers were skied around the Four Season’s Powerline Loop with slow and sticky snow conditions significantly increasing the difficulty level for participants. Fresh snow from the Friday storm blinded skiers and spectators when the sun occasionally poked through the clouds, accelerating the surface snow melt adding to the ski drag. Temperatures rose above predicted forecasted amounts by over 10° forcing several skiers to reduce their race distances.

Only (4) brave souls managed to complete the 40km distance of the race with Caleb Streinz taking the top spot with a time of 2:35:29, followed by his younger brother, Luke Streinz. Dan Reardon and Dan Baumert rounded out the longest distance racers.

In the 20km race it was a family affair with former Acadia FCU champion, Paul Cyr, and daughter, Justine Cyr, lunging for a tie finish in a time of 1:22:34, followed closely by Fred Bailey. Gordon Scannell rounded out the top 3 for the men. Kimberly Moody took second place for the women, and Rose Buckingham finished in third place.

The shortest distance race ended with Ben Chartier taking top honors in a time of 45:55 followed by his brother, Sam Chartier, with a time of 1:01:50. Nolan Pelkey took third place for the men’s race. On the women’s side, Emma Gendreau of Madawaska took top honors with a time of 49:10, followed by Amy Chartier in 56:47. Kylie Strienz placed third.

Once again Acadia Federal Credit Union, our sponsor, helped provide wonderful race prizes and race support. A special thank you goes out to the following FSTA volunteers for helping put the race on: Jan Lee; Registration, Emma Gendreau; timing, Gina Jandreau; timing, registration and photography, Ross Daigle: timing and grooming, Gerry Roy; grooming, and Colin Jandreau; feed station and grooming. See results here. See photos here.


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