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Christmas at the Lodge

It was a great day to have Christmas at the Lodge! Mrs. Claus arrived on a direct flight from the North Pole to the Frenchville Airport to help find Santa who unfortunatley landed at Four Seasons Trails due to overfeeding his reindeer. Mrs. Claus stated, "When he feeds them too much, they get sleepy and they just need to take a nap. They just can't fly anymore." Luckily the Four Seasons' groomer was able to locate him and return him to the warmth of the lodge where he happened to meet with kids tubing and doing crafts. They gathered as he appoached, carrying a bag of candy canes filled with M&M's.

Madawaska PTA and FSTA worked together to organize this event. The PTA set up a craft corner and a snack table inside the lodge and the FSTA voluteer crew organized a chicken stew and ploye meal with Madawasaska Shop and Save donating a beautiful sheet cake for desert. After the festivities with Santa, the annual membership raffle occured with the following winners: 1/2 of $205, Leola Gagnon, Central Building Supply $100 gift card #1, Doug Cyr (Cyr Travel), Central Building Supply $100 gift card #2, Phil Caron, Shop and Save $100 gift card #1, Lucien Ouellette, Shop and Save $100 gift card #2, St. John Valley Associates.

A special thanks goes out to all the FSTA organizers of the event, Jackie Soucy and the kitchen crew of Sonia Tardif, Doug and Lee Cyr, Tina and Kim Ouellette and Mrs. Teresa Dionne. Ron Myers for making the delicious stew. Ashley Pelleiter, Deardra Schlicher, Alex Waltz and Jessica Nadeau of the Madawaska PTA are to be commended for their work organizing activties for the kids. See all photos here:


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