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Deprey Classic

The opening Aroostook Cup Race for the 2018 series, the Deprey Classic, was held despite cold temperatures. Twenty-seven racers skied the 6 kilometer course. The conditions were soft and slow due to cold temperatures and a large snowstorm that occurred on Friday. The first place winner for the men was Daniel Streinz with a time of 19:45 followed closely by Jason Bartley with a time of 19:46 and Caleb Streinz with a time of 19:47. On the women's side, Abby Streinz took first place with a time of 22:40 followed by her sisters, Hannah with a time of 24:48 and Lydia with a time of 27:45. Once again, great raffle prizes were made available by Reno Deprey and Becky Manley. In addition, several other prizes were provided by The Ski Shop in Van Buren. See photos here. Results will be here once they are official.

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