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Danny Madore Bean Hole Bean Supper

Four Seasons Trail Association, (FSTA), hosted their fall Bean Hole Bean Supper in honor of former Madawaska teacher and FSTA volunteer, Danny Madore on Saturday, October 22. Madore joined the club in his retirement years and made significant contributions to the advancement of the group helping build trails, buildings and also heading up many events with his special baked bean recipe. He also served as the club’s finance committee chair until his passing last fall. The idea for honoring Madore with the supper was proposed by another Madawaska teacher, Thomas Gerard, who revived his own recipe for beans that were cooked in cast iron pots outdoors in a special pit dug in the ground. Commemorative mugs were also sold at the supper, which was attended by a large crowd. The winner of the ploye bowl and whisk, donated by Susan Gerard, was well placed to Janet Gagnon, whose husband Laurier regularly fills the wood rack for the lodge fireplace. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out; Kitchen crew: Tina Ouellette, Lee St. Onge, Beverly, Rinette, and Eileen Madore. Bean crew: Tom Gerard, Yvon Levesque, Colin Jandreau and Kevin Ayotte. Sales: Jim Madore and Anne Ouellette. Special thanks to Madawaska Shop and Save, Madtown Logging and Firewood, Central Building Supply (James and Lynn Wetmore), Mike Williams (pork fat), Paul Baker (tarp), Susan Gerard Pottery (bowl donation), Nelson and Gene Jandreau (cash donation), Eldred Daigle (take out tray donation). See photos here. See the poster to advertise the event here.

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